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Established in 1947, Research in Economics is one of the oldest general-interest economics journals in the world and the main one based in Italy, and publishes important research contributions on a wide range of topics. The purpose of the journal is to select original theoretical and empirical articles that will have high impact in the economic debate. Important contributions that have been published in RiE under the direction of Federico Etro (2015-2017) have been by James Heckman, Steve Levitt, Peter Diamond, Robert Barro, Paul Krugman, Avinash Dixit, Joseph Stiglitz, Peter Phillips, Dale Mortensen, Ed Lazear, Julio Rotemberg, Jeffrey Frankel, Martin Weitzman, Stephen Turnovsky, Allan Meltzer, Hashem Pesaran, Jeffrey Wooldridge, Jim Poterba, Tim Besley, Robert Axelrod and many others.

Papers submitted are processed by a member of the Editorial Board, which covers an extremely broad range of research areas. The Editor commits to a first review of the paper within a week (to avoid unnecessary delays, a paper may be returned to the author before full review if it is not considered suitable for the journal), a first decision with detailed reports after one month, and a final decision on acceptance within six months of submission to the journal. The Editor welcomes receiving previous editorial decisions by other journals as part of our editorial evaluation. Only original articles with new scientific contributions will be taken into consideration, ideally with both theoretical and empirical relevance for important economic questions addressed with clear, simple and innovative answers. All these features make Research in Economics appealing to well-established economists as well as to junior economists approaching the publication process in the international arena with innovative ideas.

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General Comments
(on Dilek Basar and Mehmet A. Soytas: Can heterogeneity in reporting behavior explain the gender gap in self-assessed health status? )

Jim Thomas (Emeritus Reader in Economics and Research Associate, (STICERD), LSE)
(on Christiane Krieger-Boden and Alina Sorgner: Labor market opportunities for women in the digital age )

Tobias Hentze
Comments on referee report
(on Santiago Díaz de Sarralde, Christian von Haldenwang, Tobias Hentze, and Nara Monkam: Tax certainty: proposals for the short term and the long term )

Sebastian Renner, GIGA, Hamburg, Germany
(on Shingirirai S. Mutanga, Rainer Quitzow, and Jan Christoph Steckel: Improving quality of life through sustainable energy and urban infrastructure in Africa )

W. Robert Reed, Co-Editor
Decision letter
(on John C. Whitehead: A replication of willingness-to-pay estimates in ‘An adding up test on contingent valuations of river and lake quality’ (Land Economics, 2015) )

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